Sheets are simple, classic and intimate! Boudoir shoots can be an expense to women as they want to get amazing lingerie, accessories and shoes to be photographed in. Sometimes a simple pair of panties between the sheets is the perfect option to show off your beauty and save a few pennies too.

Makeup by Eclectica Beauty Studio


Many women come into my studio with the question of if I will help them with “where to look”… of course, I am here to direct you and pose you to best show off your beauty! I use only 3 sometimes 4 eye lines in my work. Least often I will have my clients look off into the distance. I like to keep their eyes within their own energy to keep the mood. However, I do like every once in awhile to have them look off into the distance. I feel that it can create a mood. It can evoke a little mystery. Miss T has the most incredible crystal blue eyes, even with them looking off they still pull you in!

Hair and Makeup by Eclectica Beauty Studio


Laughter is so sexy isn’t it?! So many women come into the studio and they are not sure how to “act” sexy! I tell them always that sexy is not something that you have to try for. It is something that you just are.


Often, I get the opportunity to photograph beautiful woman that don’t feel comfortable showing their face on the internet due to personal reasons or in this case due to a specific line of work. I completely understand and that is why I have a very strict privacy policy. I normally don’t even post them, because I have such a hard time connecting to imagery that does not have a face. Over the years in the studio it has become very clear that my connection to beauty is through the eyes, as they portray the true essence of our being.  That being said a great bum shot or image of sexy lingerie can not be ignored! I just loved this garter set! It is so classy and timeless!

Lately I have felt way more connected to children and babies than I have in the past. I think the main reason for that feeling is that I am no longer afraid of them.  Instead I am excited to meet them and experience what they have to offer. Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a precious newborn by the name of Clara. Clara’s parents are past clients of mine that had come in for a maternity shoot early this year. So technically this was not the first time I was meeting miss Clara. This beautiful little one had an extremely difficult journey into this world, yet has an amazing peacefulness about her. When I look at her, I feel that she is very clear, very graceful.  I feel like she knows what she wants already, and I believe that she will achieve it all!

Thank you Clara, for your patience with us while we photographed you, and for sharing a spark of your precious little self with me.
















I am still going through all the amazing shots from 2012 and here are a few shots from just before Christmas. This red slip with garters from La Senza was beautiful and made me laugh… it jingled! And then she pulled out the total Biker Chick look with the metal studded bra with hanging chains… so awesome!! That was something I have not seen yet in the studio and I had a blast shooting it! SEXY SEXY SEXY!

I can not forget to mention the truly awesome makeup styling by Astrid of Eclectica Beauty Studio. Her airbrushing was magical!

natural-boudoir-imagesI love these moments when we capture real laughter in the boudoir studio. This was one of my favorite shoots. She had the most perfectly flattering and stunning lingerie that accentuated her outer beauty! This women was such an inspiration to me. Her daughter was the one that contacted me, as she had come to Lipstick&Lace the year before to have her own photo shoot and she just loved the experience. It had been a gift to her groom on their wedding day. Now it was time for her mom to get remarried and she sent her to me for a boudoir experience as a gift for her soon to be husband. Like mother like daughter… there was plenty of giggles!

stylish-boudoir-photography_asWith tomorrow’s Boudoir Marathon Sessions coming up, I decided it was a good time to go through the images from the last marathon shoot to find my favorite shot for inspiration. I just love this beautiful, elegant piece of black lingerie with the beaded details. Check out the Lipstick&Lace Photography Facebook Page to see more of her amazing, graceful photos.

boudoir-photogrpahy_edmonton-2Another beauty from 2012! Amazing green eyes!! Astrid of Eclectica Beauty Studio did an amazing job at enhancing the shape and color of those killer eyes!



I’m finally able to get back to blogging and updating my facebook page from the busy holiday season! I just loved this shoot from December. I love the idea of wearing a favorite top and creating a sexier version of it by wearing it off the shoulder. It looks so great in photos! And this sheet shot is one of my all time favorites! Maybe because it looks so real to me…

Makeup by Astrid of Eclectica Beauty Studio.