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Bebbinar and Change.

May 6, 2010

Change is inevidble. However, it is how we change and grow that is up to us. When it comes to photography, I am always growing. I find inspiration from all elements of life, which will effect how I see, and in turn will alter my photos. Which is good, because then I can offer my clients a unique product. As a photographer, it is easy to find a comfort zone with the technical side of photography, once a certain technique becomes second nature. Sometimes, you don’t even know that you are in that zone. I have recently been realizing the restriction of the zone that I have been within. Recognition is the first step to change.  I have since been challenging myself to step out and try new techniques and play a little. And I am growing.

These past few days I have spent in a workshop, run by Jen and Steve Bebb, who are inspirational photographers, successful business people and incredible teachers. I signed up for the Bebbinar, as they call it, to expand my knowledge about the business of photography. That, my friends, is exactly what was accomplished. My head is spinning with ideas, techniques and plans to grow Karla Snider Photography. The Bebbs have shone light onto areas of darkness and I am excited to make the appropriate changes within my business. I want to thank Jen and Steve for their energy and patience, for their candidness and honesty, for the inspiration and for the entertainment. Mostly for the truly heartfelt offering of their experiences and knowledge. It is rare in the world of business, to have a resource like the Bebbinar, where masters in the field are willing to share their secrets of success. Thank you.

The box that I have stepped out of was way too small for me, and I feel that I can breathe. I am excited for the upcoming season of weddings and for the future of Karla Snider Photography. Here are some images from the afternoon that we spent shooting. Katlyn and Bobby were wonderful. The way that they looked at each other with intensity, and the softness of their touch, while 10 cameras snapped continuously was incredible. Thanks Katyln and Bobby you guys are awesome. And did I mention stunning!