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Friday night I drove out to Spruce Grove area to photograph the Teague family. With all the rain we have been having this was the 3rd try. It is as everyone says, third time is a charm! This was a perfect day, even though it was a little hot, nobody was going to complain!

edmonton_family_photos_12The love of Gale and Wyane is what started it all. karlasniderphotography_14Gale and Wayne’s girls: Chelsea, Ashley and Lisa.edmonton_family_photography_22The whole family.edmonton_family_photos_08

family_photography_edmonton_11And go…edmonton_family_photography_13

edmonton_family_photography_18The Dailey family: Kale, Lisa Brandon, Jesse.edmonton_family_photos_18Derges family: Adam, Fletcher,Liam, Adyson and Jack, Ashley.edmonton_portrait_photographer_09

karla_snider_photography_21The costumes came out. This is everyone’s model walk! I think Kale and Addi and Liam win. Although Lisa is a close second!family_photography_edmonton_18Adyson loves the camera.edmonton_family_photography_07Liam loves the disguise! edmonton_child_photography_05Addy did one last dance for me before I left them.

Thank you all so much for letting me capture the fun, love and chaos of your family!

Every year on Thanksgiving I think of how thankful I am to have such a wonderful family. This year I was not the only family celebrating the time spent together.  With everyone in town for Thanksgiving it was the perfect day to do a photo shoot. When Priscilla had called to book the session for her family it was hot and sunny and looking like it was going to stay that way! Well during our shoot the weather went from blowing and freezing cold, to sunny, to snowing to snowing with sun! But they all did a great job looking like they were having a good time. I am sure that the evening was filled with warm baths and sitting by the fire. Thanks to all of you, especially little Abigail and Chimi for toughing out the cold! I hope you enjoy this sampling of images while I work to get you the rest!pf_family-photos5The whole family.pf_family-photos6Julie and Derek.pf_family-photos2Priscilla and Keon.pf_family-photos1And Chimi.pf_family-photos7

pf_family-photos4Natasha, Shawn and little Abigail.pf_family-photos3Dennis and Jocelyne.pf_family-photos11The ladies.pf_family-photos10The men.pf_family-photos8The team?

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa’s boys for the first time. I have known Lisa since the days of high school. We worked together at two different coffee shops in Bragg Creek…if you could even call it working! When I moved to Edmonton I was so excited that I would have a chance to reconnect with Lisa. She is one of the most entertaining people I know. She always has really great stories to tell, and there are always lots of laughs. Lately, when I have chatted with her, the stories are mostly love stories about her boys! Jonan is the oldest, 8 going on 9. And Joah is 6 going on 7. (I think it is so cute when you ask the age of a child that there is never one number, it is always how old they will be and in how short of time. Kids just really want to grow up!)  Anyway, photographing Lisa and her boys was hilarious! From the moment we got there, Jonan wanted to go home but he did great to hold on for the hour until it rained. He is a very gentle boy, very sweet, and he loves both his brother and Mom.  Joah was all smiles and hugs, what a cutey. He is quite the entertainer.

Lisa, I am so glad that I finally met your boys. I can see why you love to hang out with them. They are very cool little people. You can always see the relationship that a parent has with their kids in the eyes of the children… in both of these boys eyes all I could see was the love and respect that they have for you. They are kind and fun and real, just like you!












O.k, so here it is, probably the longest blog post I will ever do!

The week before last I finally made it out to Rocky Mountain House to do some very special family portraits of a family very close to my heart. This year seems to be the  year that I am lucky enough to share my talents with the people that I love! So let me tell you a little story about the images below:

30 years ago today the world was given the gift of Leah. Happy Birthday Leah! Back in about 1989, she came into my life. We became inseperable. Leah is the type of person that reminds me everyday, that life truly is simple. It is not about all the work I have to get done, all the bills that need to be paid, the things that I want, or need…it is about the relationships that we have or will have and it truly is about Love. Back in Grade nine, Leah moved away. That is when I learned that no matter how far away a person is from another, if there is love then there can be a realationship. My friendship with Leah is one of the most cherished in my life. Leah was that girl that always wanted to put down roots, she wanted a husband and a family. What Leah wants Leah gets… She has the most wonderful Husband, Marvin,  who loves her so openly and honestly! And the two of them were rewarded for their loving relationship with two very amazing children. My God children, Eden and Tanner.  Getting to know the two of these characters has convinced me that I really do love children. Though they are from the same parents these two kids, are so very different. But the one common thread is love and that is evident in the relationship between them. I haven’t seen two siblings be better friends since I was a kid.  Anyway, I will leave the rest of the details of my life and relationships to myself, I really just wanted to share this loving, amazing family with everyone, and especially today on Leah’s 30th birthday. Leah the life you have lived up to now is so rich with life’s greatest riches. Thank you for all the years of true friendship, for all the support and guidance and I look forward to our future as great friends! I love you!family_1







family_photos_3See! Look at the love!family_6




family_2I love you all! See you soon!

This song is for you Leah!