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Sunny and Raina are getting married next year and I had the honor of photographing them at their engagement party. There were amazing colors and plenty of smiles and laughter as was expected. What a stylish and happy couple you make! Here are just a few of the shots we got when we slipped away from the party for a few minutes. Thanks so much for everything! Congratulations again, and enjoy this special stage of your life!






Mandie and Matt hired me to photograph their wedding. After realizing that the stress of planning a wedding was not for them, they decided to elope. How romantic?! Even though I was sad to miss out on their wedding day, I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with them near where they grew up outside of Stony Plain. Their love story of growing up together is a sweet one, and reminds me that sometimes love chooses us not the other way around. Mandie and Matt, thank you for sharing the day with me and showing off your connection. You are matched perfectly, and I can see that you are very happy together. Enjoy being married and all the magic that will bring to your lives.




J.D and Leslie are so in love! From the moment that they walked into my studio, I could feel their connection. They sat cuddled up on my couch and told me stories about themselves and their relationship. They are just as sweet as can be. I can’t wait to shoot them on their wedding day next season, I just know that they are going to be glowing with all the love in their hearts. Leslie and J.D I am so happy that you have found each other in this life… You are perfect for one and other and I know that you will be blessed with incredible happiness in your marriage.Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your love.


Dalen and Amanda have been engaged for awhile now, and they wanted some nice fall pictures to celebrate. It was the perfect evening to shoot. We went for a really nice hike with their dog, Brynlee to capture the love. The way these two looked at each other is inspiring.


Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Trevor and Tara for their Engagement.  It was a crazy morning leading up to the shoot and I was having a pretty bad day, actually, but once I met up them and we started shooting their positive energy and love for one and other changed my mood completely! They are obviously deeply in love, and I could see this in the way that they looked at each other and in their touch. I am super excited for their upcoming wedding! Congratulations Tara and Trevor on your engagement!













Last weekend, despite all the rain and snow, I had the opportunity to shoot Jarrett and Jackie’s Engaged! shoot. Back when these two commissioned me to shoot their wedding, I knew that we were a good match. They are fun, and stylish and just awesome people! I came home after this shoot so excited for them.  In the two hours that we spent together, it was obvious to me that they have made the right choice to get married. They look at each other with so much love and passion. Their laughs are real, and the touch is kind.

Jackie and Jarrett have answered a few questions to give us a glimpse into their relationship. Thanks guys for being so candid and fun to work with! I look forward to your wedding later this season.

edmonton_engagement_photography_04Where is the greatest place you have traveled together and why?

Jarrett: Jamaica We got engaged and everything actually went as I had planned.

Jackie: Montreal and Quebec City. This is why we started dating after spending countless hours together on a week long school trip. Jarr wowed me with his charm

edmonton_portrait_photography_09What do I need to know about your fiance?

Jarrett: Jackie is the perfect balance between beauty, intelligence, ambition, passion, spontaneity and attitude. She is very dedicated and when she puts her mind towards achieving a goal she will definitely achieve it, very inspirational

Jackie: Jarrett is ambitious, smart, strong minded, loving, and passionate in all aspects of life.

edmonton_engagement_photos_10Do you remember the moment you fell in Love with your fiance?

Jarrett: Absolutely! It was way back in high school and i still remember the first time i told her. I think she was drunk off those big wine coolers and i definitely had a couple drinks as well. I thought about it the next day, and realized i actually meant what I said and i haven’t look back since.

Jackie:  haha  – that was a long time ago, I am not sure if I remember the exact moment I fell “in-love”. However, I do remember the first time he told me he loved me – it was on the bank of a creek at a party after about 2 months of dating.
engagement_photos_edmonton_06What is the one thing that you Love the very most about your fiance?

Jarrett: Level headed approach and dedication to any cause she believes in.

Jackie: Strong Mind – Soft Heart
edmonton_engagement_photos_07What is your favorite body part of your fiance?

Jarrett: Her eyes, look at those saucers.

Jackie: Eyes – they capture meedmonton-engagement-photography_08

edmonton_portrait_photography_05Tell me a story about your fiance, that makes you laugh, giggle, or cry.

Jarrett: My favourite story is when i had to hide in her closet a long time ago, i will leave it at that. Makes me laugh every time i think about it.

Jackie: A story that makes me laugh …it is hard to narrow it down to one, there have been so many years of memories together. But one that will always make me laugh is when Jarr hid in my closet.
edmonton_portrait_photographers_03When did you know you were going to marry your fiance?

Jarrett: I cannot remember a specific date, i always knew in the back of my mind. I do remember that the pressure was on after the first time we went ring shopping, like i said she is dedicated to achieving her goals!

Jackie: I think I kind of always knew…it was never really a question in mind.
edmonton_engagement_photography_02Kisses of Hugs? What is more your thing?

Jarrett: Kisses without a doubt. Hugs aren’t as personal, everyone gives their friends hugs, i don’t know too many people who give their friends a kiss or two.

Jackie: Hugs followed by kisses…edmonton_engagement_photos_01Are you going on a honeymoon? Where?

Jarrett: Yes, I am as excited about the honeymoon as i am about the wedding. We are planning on undertaking a world wide adventure over the course of one year and documenting our experiences on a website to inspire other young couples to do the same thing, Check out in a month or so if you are interested!

Jackie:Yes – around the world…for a year….it is going to be awesome!

Did I mention that I am so jealous of this upcoming adventure of theirs! I will for sure be checking in on their blog once it is up to see what they experience out in the world as a newly married couple!


When Jenny and Adrian booked me for their upcoming wedding, I was very excited. They are both very energetic and fun people.  I asked these two love birds a few questions about the other, to give me some inspiration for their wedding day. It may be because I connected with these two on our engagement shoot, or it may be that the answers are just super sweet, you be the judge, but when I opened the email to read them, I was in tears within moments. I was on a bus in Vancouver with many people around, so I am sure you can see that I felt a little silly.

Adrian and Jenny, it was so great to get to know you a little bit, and I thank you for your honest answers to the questions. I can see and now hear in your words, that you are meant for each other.  Enjoy these images, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

ja_1What do I need to know about your fiance?

Jenny: He is smart, funny, loyal, passionate, caring and creative. He’s my best friend. He’s also probably the most understanding man I know.

Adrian: She is respectful, loving, smart, and funny. She is my best friend, and the love of my life.

edmonton_wedding_photography_001Kisses of Hugs? What is more your thing?

Jenny: Kisses.

Adrian: Kisses

ja_2Do you remember the moment you fell in Love with your fiance?

Jenny: I don’t know that there was a specific moment for me. It was more of a process, but I the first time I said “I love you” to Adrian was coming home from our first road trip with my parents.

Adrian: I am with Jenny on this as well, I don’t really have a specific moment. It was a collection moments that really made me fall in love with Jenny. That moment coming home from the road trip with her parents was the first time that I said it Jenny.


ja_4When did you know you were going to marry your fiance?

Jenny: I think it was when around the time he moved down to Edmonton (where I was) from Fort McMurray. I knew he was really serious about us, and to me it was also kind of a sign.

Adrian: I knew I was going to marry her about a year or so into our relationship, I knew that this was the woman that I was to spend the rest of my life with.

edmonton_engagement_photos_leducWhat is your favorite body part of your fiance?

Jenny: Hmm.. that’s a hard one. Probably his eyes. They’re hazel and they change color from light brown to a vivid green.

Adrian: I would have to say her legs, most specifically her calves.

edmonton_engagement_photos_001What is the one thing that you Love the very most about your fiance?

Jenny: There are so many qualities I love about Adrian! The one I love the most is probably just how loyal he is. When you’re friends with Adrian, he’s your friend, and that means something. He’s your friend no matter what happens, no matter how long you’ve been apart, and he’ll defend his friends to the end.

Adrian: The one thing that I love the most about Jenny is her compassion for other people, she has such a heart for others and just how they feel. Also her heart to serve in children ministries, her passion for that really inspires me.

Last week I met Kyle and Leanne at the Legislature grounds for an Engagement Session. What a cute love story these two have. Back in grade school they were in the same class. Leanne thought Kyle was cute, but he was into hockey and other things, and was a year older so that was that. They were in the same social circles over the years and eventually they got together and the rest, well you can guess. They are getting married in 2011. The day was really pretty and sunny out but don’t be fooled, it was freakn’ cold. They toughed it out but I am sure that they will be getting married in a warmer month! Kyle and Leanne, it was a pleasure to meet you! Here is a sampling of the great shots from your engagement shoot, I will be in touch with you soon! Enjoy.

















Last week I met Heather and Morris at the High Level Diner for an engagement shoot! Way back they had their first date there, and it was a sweet tribute to that day. Morris and Heather are getting married next year in Halifax. There were lots of smiles and giggles with these two, the love between them is very clear! Morris and Heather, it was a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for letting me photograph the connection between the two of you! Enjoy your engagement, and good luck with your wedding next year!img_2129hm_engagement0013












Last week I had the pleasure of spending a stunning fall evening with Cory and Lindsay, whose wedding I am shooting next season. We met at Whitemud Creek Park and went for a nice walk, with their dog Mocha. It was interesting to see the the dynamics with Cory and Lindsay and Mocha. Every time Cory gave Lindsay any attention Mocha wanted to be right in there. It was really cute and reminded me of my dog, Ruby.  Lindsay and Cory are very much in love, it was evident in their gentle touches and their playful manner. They are very easy going and pleasant people… I look forward to the upcoming wedding. Thanks so much you two, for letting me in to show a tiny fragment of the love that you have for one and other…and Mocha.













lc_engagement12What a cute little family!