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I have not been taking many weddings in the past couple of seasons due to my focus on my boudoir studio, however when I met Andrea and Ryan, I knew that I wanted to be part of their big day! Ryan was in the wedding party of one of my past couple’s and in most cases good people attract each other, so based on how much I loved my past couple I was sure that I would love Andrea and Ryan, and I do! These two are so deeply in love and are such awesome people. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful filled with such a richness of spirit. One thing that I recognized about Andrea and Ryan both is that they are thankful for each other and for the love of their friends and family. It was a large wedding with about 500 guests. That is a lot of love in one room! Thanks so much Ryan and Andrea for choosing me to photograph your amazing day. I hope it was all that you dreamed of and that the excitement will last the years of your life together!




















In keeping with the theme of most requested photos, this “bum shot” is another fav. Usually my clients are terrified, not wanting to actually see their bum in full glory, and I remind them that as we don’t have eyes in the back of our head it is impossible, without the magic of a photograph for us to see the angle that most people see our backside from. Instead of a contorted view while we are twisting around looking into a mirror, seeing only half a cheek we are able to see the whole picture and it is always more flattering!

Love these black lace panties with a thread of gold from Victoria Secret!


Last Year I held a fundraiser for a volunteer trip to Zambia, Africa to work with Hands at Work. In the silent auction Katie purchased her wedding day photo shoot. Because of Katie and Tyler I raised more then I had expected for the organization and was able to travel to Zambia to offer my assistance to the care workers that daily give selflessly to the most vulnerable people of the communities. There are so many stories about the people that I met and the experiences that I had in Africa and it is my hope that the people that we worked with and who received our donations are changed as much as I am. The true stories exist in the eyes of the orphans and vulnerable children who we spent much of our time with. View Here. So thank you Katie and Tyler for being part of this life changing experience, your kindness was shared through my interaction with the people in Zambia.

Congratulations Katie and Tyler! What a beautiful wedding to celebrate the special love that you have for each other. From the outside looking in, I see that you are best of friends and that you deeply love one and other. You both seem to be very relaxed and easygoing, but very attentive to details. I think that is the perfect recipe for happiness. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on your special day. Best wishes for you both!
















Here’s a little secret about me… I LOVE love! Having the opportunity to work with Chris and Nick on their wedding day was awesome because these boys are seriously in love and are surrounded by much of it from their amazing friends and family. When I first met Chris and Nick at my studio with their wedding planner Jordan Broom of Atmosphere Wedding Planning and Design, I was instantly smitten with these two and super excited to see what magic would transpire for their day. The way that they look at each other, laugh together and finish each other’s sentences is such a beautiful expression of their relationship. Marriage wasn’t always in the cards for either of them, but it just shows that when you find the person that fills your heart with joy anything is possible.

Jordan filled their day with amazing touches from the stunning flowers designed by Janine Sebastian of Fabloomosity Floral Boutique , to the beautiful cake by Annie Dam of Cake Couture Edible Art Studio. This urban ceremony and reception was held at Latitude 53 and the gallery was transformed into a stylish event thanks to Special Event Rentals. No wedding is complete without a dinner and this evening had an incredible meal catered by Sorentino’s. The tiramisu was to die for!

Congratulations Christopher and Nicholas, your wedding was the perfect mix of love, laughter, delicious food, good people and style! Thank you so much for the glimpse into the awesomeness of your love!















This was the first time that I met Ben, as only Erin had been available for the consultation and meetings prior to the wedding. Through her words about Ben, it was obvious to me that she deeply loves him and that they have plenty of fun together.

During Ben’s speech to his new wife he said something like this: “Sometimes I get lost and Erin helps me find myself”… it was the sweetest thing! To me, these words say so much about the relationship that they have. It is my belief that our lives are about remembering who we are, and we often journey different paths in the search of that truth. So, a partner that helps you come back to yourself is perfect! Congratulations on finding your perfect match Erin and Ben.



Kayla and Lee congratulations on your marriage! In the short time we spent together I can tell that you are supportive of one and other, and that there is so much love. Lee, you are one of the most involved grooms I have come across, and I can tell it is all to make Kayla happy. You to are super sweet together, and it is obvious that you have tons of fun. Kayla your smile is radiant… especially the one that comes out when you are looking at your new husband. I hope you are having a restful, relaxing and fun time in Jamaica!

I have just been going through archiving the files from a great 2011 wedding season. Here is a quick preview slideshow that I sent to one of my favorite couples Darla Deschamps and Jon Montgomery. It was a simple and beautiful wedding in Kelowna B.C back in September. Darla and Jon share a zest for life and all things adventure filled and fun! Check out the slideshow here.darla_jon-montgomery_wedding2



September 22, 2011