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Lately I have felt way more connected to children and babies than I have in the past. I think the main reason for that feeling is that I am no longer afraid of them.  Instead I am excited to meet them and experience what they have to offer. Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a precious newborn by the name of Clara. Clara’s parents are past clients of mine that had come in for a maternity shoot early this year. So technically this was not the first time I was meeting miss Clara. This beautiful little one had an extremely difficult journey into this world, yet has an amazing peacefulness about her. When I look at her, I feel that she is very clear, very graceful.  I feel like she knows what she wants already, and I believe that she will achieve it all!

Thank you Clara, for your patience with us while we photographed you, and for sharing a spark of your precious little self with me.













I would officially like to welcome little baby Spencer! What a sweetheart! Mystique and Phi are two of my favorite wedding clients and they have just become parents to this little angel. I am fairly new to the experience of photographing newborn babies. I have to say… I absolutely love it. There is an element of patience required, which I think I nailed. At first, this little man just did not want to fall asleep. There was so much going on around him and he was excited to be photographed. He was happy though, so we got a chance to see his beautiful eyes. After being fed, again, and rocked by his daddy and cuddled by his mommy, he shared a few super cute yawns and drifted into a deep sleep and let us play around posing him in cute little hats in various textured blankets and organic materials.

Thanks little Spencer for playing with us and welcome to this beautiful world. Have fun!












This week I had the opportunity to meet and photograph little baby Spencer. He is the adorable first baby of two of my favorite past wedding clients.  A little angle wrapped up for a sweet nap. Welcome to the world little Spencer!


Baby Lincoln is one month old. He is beautiful. He likes to keep his mom busy. I think that enjoys playing with his hands, feet and his tongue. That is just an observation. I also think that he likes getting his photo taken, because he was perfect for us the whole time, except when we tried to make him wear a hat. Totally understandable Lincoln, it was hot out. Lorissa thank you for inviting me to meet Lincoln, he is precious. Congratulations on the beautiful little person you guys made, I can’t wait to hear about all the fun you have together!