October 22, 2009

[a unique portrait session]

Not your standard, line up smallest to tallest, look at the camera and smile portrait.

The way I see it, a picture that is going to be worth something to you forever, is one that shows your true self,
including your inner beauty and your personality.

A family photo that you will cherish is one where your children are being themselves; filled with giggles,
cartwheels and tickle fights or embraces that move you because you can feel the love pour from the photograph.

A portrait session with Karla Snider Photography starts with a conversation. I want to know what we are looking to
capture. If it is an individual portrait I want to know about you, what you love and why this portrait is important to you.
If we are planning a family portrait session, I want to know about the souls that make up your family. What matters,
what you love and what makes you laugh. We will plan a shoot together that will capture the essence of your unique

When I know the inside scoop about your favorite expression of your kids, the favorite hug your son gives, the curls of
your daughters hair or the strength of your mother who has survived cancer or the fact that no photo exists of you all
together; I can work to create magic by capturing what matters to you. You will remember these moments forever.

[family portraits]$325

[individual portraits]$300

[maternity portraits]$400

Chelsea Foster: Hey just wondering if you are available for December 26th for some family shots...we were thinking just an hour or 2.its for my parents anniversary so we want all the kids and grandkids so it would be approx.18 of us.let me know if you are available and what the price would be and whats included in the package.thanks! chelsea.

admin: Chelsea, I will be out of town for Christmas, unfortunately. Give me a shout and I will be happy to refer you to some Awesome Photographers!

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