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In keeping with the theme of most requested photos, this “bum shot” is another fav. Usually my clients are terrified, not wanting to actually see their bum in full glory, and I remind them that as we don’t have eyes in the back of our head it is impossible, without the magic of a photograph for us to see the angle that most people see our backside from. Instead of a contorted view while we are twisting around looking into a mirror, seeing only half a cheek we are able to see the whole picture and it is always more flattering!

Love these black lace panties with a thread of gold from Victoria Secret!


Happy New Year all! I have to say that in the past months I have been less then mediocre at updating my blog. In this New Year, I would love to promise that I will be better, but realistically that would be a silly promise.  What I can promise is that I will be better then last year, so here is my start.

I chose this image today because it is the shot that literally 90% of clients ask for. “You know that shot of a girl with her panty hooked on her shoe,” they say when I ask them if there are any boudoir images that they have seen in which they would love to see of themselves. With a laugh and a knowing they were going to say that exact thing, I tell them: “aboslutely, we can do one of those. And I promise it will be good for a laugh and a serious front wedgy!”

One of the great things about this look is that you only need a great pair of shoes and a pair of panties like this pair of pink panties from La Senza.

I have got to say though, it sure is a sexy but shot!


Hair and Makeup by Eclectica Beauty Studio