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Natural light offers something special to skin and eyes that studio lighting just can’t capture. Miss KS has incredible features to begin with, and then with the natural ligh there is a luminescence in her stunning crystal eyes! Astrid of Eclectica Beauty Studio has done an amazing job at enhancing her facial structure and celebrating her flawless skin, while naturally enhancing her beautiful eyes!  Love this shot!


Sheets are simple, classic and intimate! Boudoir shoots can be an expense to women as they want to get amazing lingerie, accessories and shoes to be photographed in. Sometimes a simple pair of panties between the sheets is the perfect option to show off your beauty and save a few pennies too.

Makeup by Eclectica Beauty Studio


Many women come into my studio with the question of if I will help them with “where to look”… of course, I am here to direct you and pose you to best show off your beauty! I use only 3 sometimes 4 eye lines in my work. Least often I will have my clients look off into the distance. I like to keep their eyes within their own energy to keep the mood. However, I do like every once in awhile to have them look off into the distance. I feel that it can create a mood. It can evoke a little mystery. Miss T has the most incredible crystal blue eyes, even with them looking off they still pull you in!

Hair and Makeup by Eclectica Beauty Studio


Laughter is so sexy isn’t it?! So many women come into the studio and they are not sure how to “act” sexy! I tell them always that sexy is not something that you have to try for. It is something that you just are.