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On Friday, I had the pleasure of photographing a great group of grads form Vegerville, AB. Justine, Matthew, Sarah, Pearce, Rebecca and Jonathan were the most stylish grads I have seen. Fashion has come a long way since I graduated that is for sure! Anyway, here are some shots of the group. I am sure that it was a day and night to remember. As I was leaving on Friday, I told them that life will only get worse! But I was joking. Life outside of high school is awesome. It is sure great to have the memories of a time in life when everything is so new, so intense and so fun. But learning about yourself and what you want to do in this world is a gift. It may get more difficult, but life gives you back what you put in.  Enjoy the new journey guys! Thanks for being so awesome to work with!










When Jenny and Adrian booked me for their upcoming wedding, I was very excited. They are both very energetic and fun people.  I asked these two love birds a few questions about the other, to give me some inspiration for their wedding day. It may be because I connected with these two on our engagement shoot, or it may be that the answers are just super sweet, you be the judge, but when I opened the email to read them, I was in tears within moments. I was on a bus in Vancouver with many people around, so I am sure you can see that I felt a little silly.

Adrian and Jenny, it was so great to get to know you a little bit, and I thank you for your honest answers to the questions. I can see and now hear in your words, that you are meant for each other.  Enjoy these images, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

ja_1What do I need to know about your fiance?

Jenny: He is smart, funny, loyal, passionate, caring and creative. He’s my best friend. He’s also probably the most understanding man I know.

Adrian: She is respectful, loving, smart, and funny. She is my best friend, and the love of my life.

edmonton_wedding_photography_001Kisses of Hugs? What is more your thing?

Jenny: Kisses.

Adrian: Kisses

ja_2Do you remember the moment you fell in Love with your fiance?

Jenny: I don’t know that there was a specific moment for me. It was more of a process, but I the first time I said “I love you” to Adrian was coming home from our first road trip with my parents.

Adrian: I am with Jenny on this as well, I don’t really have a specific moment. It was a collection moments that really made me fall in love with Jenny. That moment coming home from the road trip with her parents was the first time that I said it Jenny.


ja_4When did you know you were going to marry your fiance?

Jenny: I think it was when around the time he moved down to Edmonton (where I was) from Fort McMurray. I knew he was really serious about us, and to me it was also kind of a sign.

Adrian: I knew I was going to marry her about a year or so into our relationship, I knew that this was the woman that I was to spend the rest of my life with.

edmonton_engagement_photos_leducWhat is your favorite body part of your fiance?

Jenny: Hmm.. that’s a hard one. Probably his eyes. They’re hazel and they change color from light brown to a vivid green.

Adrian: I would have to say her legs, most specifically her calves.

edmonton_engagement_photos_001What is the one thing that you Love the very most about your fiance?

Jenny: There are so many qualities I love about Adrian! The one I love the most is probably just how loyal he is. When you’re friends with Adrian, he’s your friend, and that means something. He’s your friend no matter what happens, no matter how long you’ve been apart, and he’ll defend his friends to the end.

Adrian: The one thing that I love the most about Jenny is her compassion for other people, she has such a heart for others and just how they feel. Also her heart to serve in children ministries, her passion for that really inspires me.

Bebbinar and Change.

May 6, 2010

Change is inevidble. However, it is how we change and grow that is up to us. When it comes to photography, I am always growing. I find inspiration from all elements of life, which will effect how I see, and in turn will alter my photos. Which is good, because then I can offer my clients a unique product. As a photographer, it is easy to find a comfort zone with the technical side of photography, once a certain technique becomes second nature. Sometimes, you don’t even know that you are in that zone. I have recently been realizing the restriction of the zone that I have been within. Recognition is the first step to change.  I have since been challenging myself to step out and try new techniques and play a little. And I am growing.

These past few days I have spent in a workshop, run by Jen and Steve Bebb, who are inspirational photographers, successful business people and incredible teachers. I signed up for the Bebbinar, as they call it, to expand my knowledge about the business of photography. That, my friends, is exactly what was accomplished. My head is spinning with ideas, techniques and plans to grow Karla Snider Photography. The Bebbs have shone light onto areas of darkness and I am excited to make the appropriate changes within my business. I want to thank Jen and Steve for their energy and patience, for their candidness and honesty, for the inspiration and for the entertainment. Mostly for the truly heartfelt offering of their experiences and knowledge. It is rare in the world of business, to have a resource like the Bebbinar, where masters in the field are willing to share their secrets of success. Thank you.

The box that I have stepped out of was way too small for me, and I feel that I can breathe. I am excited for the upcoming season of weddings and for the future of Karla Snider Photography. Here are some images from the afternoon that we spent shooting. Katlyn and Bobby were wonderful. The way that they looked at each other with intensity, and the softness of their touch, while 10 cameras snapped continuously was incredible. Thanks Katyln and Bobby you guys are awesome. And did I mention stunning!