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Valentine’s Day is approaching and Lipstick & Lace is busy with Boudoir Shoots!  Though I have been shooting Boudoir for almost a year now, things have been really busy around here since the official launch of Lipstick & Lace in October. I have had the opportunity to photograph many stunning women, and have been able to show them their beauty in a new light.

Miss E.K blew me away with her breath taking stare and piercing eyes. She was a natural in front of the camera. Miss E.K, thank you so much trusting me to photograph you, it was awesome to meet you and thank you for reminding me yet again, that I have one of the greatest jobs ever!

And I have to give mention to Astrid for her amazing makeup! Nice work woman, way to bring out those amazing eyes!

em_edmonton-boudoir_3Her friend makes these stunning earrings: Moda by Ozlem designs.em_edmonton-boudoir_9




em_edmonton-boudoir_2I have never seen eyes like this in my life!em_edmonton-boudoir_1


As I am sure you have figured out, I am terrible at keeping up on my blog. I spend most of my time shooting and retouching for all my lovely clients and never seem to get around to posting here.  So let’s see: what have I been up to since November? BOUDOIR!

Christmas was the perfect reason to do a session, and boudoir photos were the unique gift that many of you ladies were looking for this year. I was full up with bookings and Christmas deadlines. I was ready for a break when Christmas came around!  My husband and I went back to his home town in Saskatchewan for a week and even there I managed to shoot boudoir.

I hadn’t planned on posting any of Lipstick & Lace boudoir photography on my wedding blog, however it seems that Lipstick&Lace is keeping me busy in the off season. I figure I might as well share when there are ladies that are brave and willing.

Here are a few of the lovely Miss L. She was an incredible model, and a stunning beauty…and no I do not just say these nice things because she is my sister- in- law. She is trult beautiful as you will see!




These are two of my favs!



I love this shot!



What a stunning profile!





Yes, it was freezing cold out…and she was still hot! (I had to say it!)


I am not too sure if it is because I know her well, but I think that these images not only show how beautiful she is on the outside, but give you a glimpse of her inner beauty as well.  Miss L, you are awesome! I love you! Thanks for letting me share your images!