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Last week I had the pleasure of spending a stunning fall evening with Cory and Lindsay, whose wedding I am shooting next season. We met at Whitemud Creek Park and went for a nice walk, with their dog Mocha. It was interesting to see the the dynamics with Cory and Lindsay and Mocha. Every time Cory gave Lindsay any attention Mocha wanted to be right in there. It was really cute and reminded me of my dog, Ruby.  Lindsay and Cory are very much in love, it was evident in their gentle touches and their playful manner. They are very easy going and pleasant people… I look forward to the upcoming wedding. Thanks so much you two, for letting me in to show a tiny fragment of the love that you have for one and other…and Mocha.













lc_engagement12What a cute little family!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa’s boys for the first time. I have known Lisa since the days of high school. We worked together at two different coffee shops in Bragg Creek…if you could even call it working! When I moved to Edmonton I was so excited that I would have a chance to reconnect with Lisa. She is one of the most entertaining people I know. She always has really great stories to tell, and there are always lots of laughs. Lately, when I have chatted with her, the stories are mostly love stories about her boys! Jonan is the oldest, 8 going on 9. And Joah is 6 going on 7. (I think it is so cute when you ask the age of a child that there is never one number, it is always how old they will be and in how short of time. Kids just really want to grow up!)  Anyway, photographing Lisa and her boys was hilarious! From the moment we got there, Jonan wanted to go home but he did great to hold on for the hour until it rained. He is a very gentle boy, very sweet, and he loves both his brother and Mom.  Joah was all smiles and hugs, what a cutey. He is quite the entertainer.

Lisa, I am so glad that I finally met your boys. I can see why you love to hang out with them. They are very cool little people. You can always see the relationship that a parent has with their kids in the eyes of the children… in both of these boys eyes all I could see was the love and respect that they have for you. They are kind and fun and real, just like you!












Krista and Ben are good people. That is the best way I can describe them to you. They were both so easy going and patient throughout the day as we hiked around the UofA Campus looking for some cool places to shoot. We found a really cool grafitti wall that was in the process of being refaced, at our second stop of Whyte Ave, and we had a chance to have a little fun there! During the speeches, I learned that my initial impression of this couple was accurate, as I listened to the kind words shared by family and friends, and a room full of laughter. Congratulations on your marriage Krista and Ben, seems to me: you are perfectly matched!


wedding_photography_13This is my favorite building in Edmonton. And they match it perfectly!edmonton_wedding_10

wedding_edmonton_12The best dress ever!wedding_edmonton_11



wedding_edmonton_1They are so in love!wedding_edmonton_6

wedding_edmonton_9They let us play a little…They all wanted her to spray that paint but I don’t think green was her color.wedding_edmonton_7Benn and Krista, again I thank you for including me in your day. You have both have wonderful spirit. Have so much fun in Spain!

Congratulations Krista and Ben! Your wedding was beautiful, and you both looked amazing. Ben, I can imagine that when you saw Krista walking down that long aisle of the convocation hall, that your heart felt like it was going to explode with how incredible she looked. I promise to get more pictures up soon, I just really wanted to be sure there was something here for when you check while on your honeymoon! You are going to Love Spain. I can’t wait to hear about your trip. wedding_edmonton_2

Irena decided she wanted to do a “Trash The Dress” session months ago. She just got back from a big trip and decided that now was the right time. I was very excited, as any photographer would be, to go hiking around the trees, the dirt and the river with a stunning bride! One that is willing to get a little dirty, and a lot wet! I shot Irena’s wedding last year, and just loved her, so I knew that the day was going to be a treat! The images will tell you a story that my words will not… Enjoy.i_edmonton_trash_the_dress_8

i_edmontontrash_the_dress_9Can you say Stunning!i_edmonton_trash_the_dress_7



i_edmonton-trash-the-dress2I love the way she looks here! What a cool dress for the river.i_edmonton_trash_the_dress_5So we ended up in a lake… that was interesting! Irena recommends against swimming in a massive cloak of material… I am so glad that she was a good swimmer.