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Jason and Heather were married on Saturday August 15th at Blue Meadows, on one of the most beautiful days we have had this summer.  What an incredible wedding! And wow did they both look ever so amazing. Heather stepped out of the vehicle, and I was literally speechless, which if you know me, you know this is very rare. It was a simple yet meaningful ceremony and then we had a few hours to hike around in fancy clothes and capture the beauty before me. These images describe all that words will not, about the love, and beauty that I saw in these two.











Heather and Jason, thanks again for everything, and for being so easy to work with! You look incredible! Congratulations on your Marriage, and have a wonderful honeymoon! See you soon.

As promised,  here are some more shots from James and Julie’s wedding day. There are hundreds of images to go through so this is a very quick sampling… Enjoy!

So this is James, we arrived in the morning to him dressed up in, well you can see… These were the more appropriate shots of what he had to go through to get to see his beautiful bride! I chose to leave the bananas out of it! The shot below where there is a piece of seaweed paper being placed on his face was for the game of “suck and blow” that got a great reaction out of everyone watching. What a great sport James and his groomsmen were!

1There were two separate tea ceremonies took place in the morning. One at Julie’s home and then one at James’s. Both very beautiful. And though I did not understand the languages people we speaking, I could tell that everyone there was having a great time!

2 Very good looking wedding party!4And a stunning Bride and Groom.









15James and Julie started off an incredible evening with a choriographed dance routine, that was awesome. The entire wedding party danced in this one!

14The couple, joined by their family and wedding party went around to all 43 tables to do a toast! What a celebration!13James and Julie I wish you the very best, and thanks again for including us in your wedding celebration. Cheers!

Yesterday was James and Julie’s amazing wedding celebration! What a pleasure to be part of it all! I really just wanted to post a teaser image for James and Julie. This is one of the last images from the creative session and I think that they both look incredible. It is not the laughing, goofy couple that I saw back when we did the engagements… this was the quieter, softer side. Stunning! James and Julie I sure hope you had fun last night, what a great celebration! Congratulations!edmonton_wedding3