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When I met with Tom and Sonia back in the fall for engagement photos, I realized that I was in the presence of a very loving couple. And on their wedding day, I saw that love growing in front of me. These two are both so kind and considerate with one and other. Sonia lights up when she is near Tom. His love for her is so completely honest and real. And she is so obviously blissfully in love with him. I am excited to have been part of this day, and to have had the honor of observing this great love that I saw between these two. Going through, trying to choose a few great shots to blog, was a difficult task. They look incredible! I will let the images speak for themselves.










Congratulations Sonia and Tom! I hope that the years ahead bring you so much happiness and that your love continues to grow into whatever it is that you desire it to become! Have a wonderful honeymoon and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Karla and Clint… what a wonderful couple! And stunning! I was so excited to shoot this wedding, and when I showed up in the morning to Karla’s mom’s  house, my jaw dropped when I saw Karla. Her hair and Makeup, done by Lauriane Rutberg was incredible! It was a beautiful day, but the clouds were threatening rain… and the rains came! But we did manage to get some shots off before we had to run for cover! I could have photographed these two all day. Luckily we got some time without rain. After all they do say that it is good luck when it rains on your wedding day. Throughout the night, I felt like I got to know Karla and Clint better as a couple, and the two are perfectly matched! They are off to Europe for an adventure and then to Brazil for a honeymoon! Congratulations Karla and Clint, it was a great pleasure to be part of your wedding day.








These photos pretty much speak for themself!

Sometimes you run into people in life for a reason,  and at the time you have no idea why… It doesn’t always have to be a profound reason; it could be to to learn something you didn’t know before, it could be to teach something to someone, or it could be to give something to someone who is un-expecting.

As I was leaving Carrie and Aaron’s wedding, I was parked beside a really cool car, with a really cool couple in two really cool hats.  I saw it and knew that I needed a photo of the two of them.  I can not remember their names, but I will never forget their faces.  I took a few shots quickly and I thought that I would post the finished product in hopes that they will be sneeking peeks at Carrie and Aaron’s wedding photos.  As I was leaving I overheard that it was her Birthday… So to the lovely woman in the white hat… Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoy this shot of you and your man! May your new year of life be more awesome then the last.friends

What a beautiful day for a wedding! I met Carrie bright and early in Leduc to document the hours of preparation, and wow did she end up looking stunning! We did the photo session before the ceremony out at the Devon Devonian Gardens, which was beautiful. Amongst the regular chaos of a wedding day, I watched Carrie and Aaron together, they were calm and brought a serenity to the day. They compliment each other so perfectly! Last year I photographed the wedding of Carrie’s sister, and it was nice to see this great family again. Thank you so much for including me in your day, and I hope you had an awesome honeymoon!







leduc_wedding_1See you soon!