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O.k, so here it is, probably the longest blog post I will ever do!

The week before last I finally made it out to Rocky Mountain House to do some very special family portraits of a family very close to my heart. This year seems to be the  year that I am lucky enough to share my talents with the people that I love! So let me tell you a little story about the images below:

30 years ago today the world was given the gift of Leah. Happy Birthday Leah! Back in about 1989, she came into my life. We became inseperable. Leah is the type of person that reminds me everyday, that life truly is simple. It is not about all the work I have to get done, all the bills that need to be paid, the things that I want, or need…it is about the relationships that we have or will have and it truly is about Love. Back in Grade nine, Leah moved away. That is when I learned that no matter how far away a person is from another, if there is love then there can be a realationship. My friendship with Leah is one of the most cherished in my life. Leah was that girl that always wanted to put down roots, she wanted a husband and a family. What Leah wants Leah gets… She has the most wonderful Husband, Marvin,  who loves her so openly and honestly! And the two of them were rewarded for their loving relationship with two very amazing children. My God children, Eden and Tanner.  Getting to know the two of these characters has convinced me that I really do love children. Though they are from the same parents these two kids, are so very different. But the one common thread is love and that is evident in the relationship between them. I haven’t seen two siblings be better friends since I was a kid.  Anyway, I will leave the rest of the details of my life and relationships to myself, I really just wanted to share this loving, amazing family with everyone, and especially today on Leah’s 30th birthday. Leah the life you have lived up to now is so rich with life’s greatest riches. Thank you for all the years of true friendship, for all the support and guidance and I look forward to our future as great friends! I love you!family_1







family_photos_3See! Look at the love!family_6




family_2I love you all! See you soon!

This song is for you Leah!

Friday June 12 2009, will be a day that Doris and Dave Walton will never forget. It was looking like rain all morning, but Doris had faith. And the sun came. Just as she had faith that she would find someone special to share her life with. And Dave came.  These two, are kind and gentle people. Listening to the words of their ceremony, watching them greet their guests, photographing them share their first day as a married couple together, and watching their family and friends entertain them all evening, was a gift. Thank you Doris and Dave for the beautiful day. I hope that you are sitting on a Hawaiian beach enjoying the sun and the company of your new life partner! fortedmontonpark1We went to Fort Edmonton Park for photos.edmontonweddingphotographers2


edmontonweddingphtographers1Doris really wanted to have photos in the on the carousel but the building was locked up. Luckily we convinced a wonderful lady that worked there to let us in for 1 minute. At least we got a few shots.fortedmontonpark5

fortedmontonpark4Doris and Dave had their first date at the Heritage Amphitheatre, so we stopped at Hawrelak Park to do some photos with it first. It was closed of course but we still managed to get it in for the memory.fortedmontonpark2


edmontonweddingphotographers31Thanks again Doris and Dave I will see you soon!

James and Julie… what a fun couple! We finally got to do our engagement session, after 2 weather cancellations. And the day was perfect! I had a great time photographing these two. They told me that they were nervous being in front of the camera… I don’t think it shows. Looks to me like they had a pretty good time! I am looking forward to working with them on their wedding day, this August. Thanks James and Julie for a great shoot!edmonton_engagement_10The rule was that they had to touch each other for the whole shoot… I don’t think it was that hard for them to follow.edmonton_engagement_2




edmonton_engagement_5As they were holding hands back to back I told them to kiss without letting go of each other… I do these things to amuse myself but I think that it made for a cute little series.edmonton_engagement_3





edmonton_engagement_8They seem to like each other…don’t you think? Thanks again James and Julie! See you in August.

Back in February I was lucky enough to join Dan and Carlene at the Grand Serenis Mayan Beach to photograph their wedding. I met Dan and Carlene during their Engagement shoot here in Edmonton in the summer before, and right away I liked them. They are very playful with eachother, which made for cute pictures. The week in Mexico, was beautiful. The wedding was on the Friday, so by then everyone had a good tan, and was ready to celebrate the wedding. I will let the images speak for themselves! Thanks again to Carlene and Dan for inviting me to work with you in the Myan Riveria on your beautiful day!destination6





destination4Can you feel the love?destination5Carlene could not wait to get that dress wet!destination1

destination7This is my favorite!destination3All the best to you both!


June 3, 2009

I have been going through the archives to show you some of my work, as this is a newer blog. And I stumbled upon these shots of my Ruby! Ruby is my dog. And as you get to know me you will learn that I am in love with all dogs. My love for Ruby is extremely obvious! I am one of those people that thinks that their dog is their child… I admit it, because really, I think that there is nothing wrong with it! She is a big dog, obviously, so I can’t carry her around in my purse but if I could, I would. Ruby is very special, she is the first dog, I have had outside of the family home and she has shown many people the love that a pet has to share! My husband and I adore her.  And I am pretty sure, that she loves us more than anything in her world.dogphotography1There was a beautiful sunset outside, so I asked my little model to pose for a shot!dog-photography2How beautiful is she?dog-photos-1My favorite thing about her face is her droopy eyes expression.