I have not been taking many weddings in the past couple of seasons due to my focus on my boudoir studio, however when I met Andrea and Ryan, I knew that I wanted to be part of their big day! Ryan was in the wedding party of one of my past couple’s and in most cases good people attract each other, so based on how much I loved my past couple I was sure that I would love Andrea and Ryan, and I do! These two are so deeply in love and are such awesome people. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful filled with such a richness of spirit. One thing that I recognized about Andrea and Ryan both is that they are thankful for each other and for the love of their friends and family. It was a large wedding with about 500 guests. That is a lot of love in one room! Thanks so much Ryan and Andrea for choosing me to photograph your amazing day. I hope it was all that you dreamed of and that the excitement will last the years of your life together!





















This image is the perfect way for me to express the way I saw Miss L. She was effortless in her expression of beauty. She moved with confidence and grace. As I photographed her, I felt my spirit draw closer to meet hers. She was so present and so open. It was a true pleasure to work with this bright light in my studio!

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I loved working with her! She was so easy to photography because she was comfortable with herself. She allowed her inner beauty to shine through! She wanted to bring an item of clothing that was her husbands, to wear during the shoot. A man’s shirt is a common item that comes into the studio. In the past I was not a big fan. I figured it was something that was just big and bulky and non-flattering. I have changed my mind. There are ways to use a man’s shirt that still shows off a woman’s body in a way that is suggestive and sexy. I loved the grey! It went so well with the studio.

Shout out to  Astrid of Eclectica Beauty Studio for the awesome hair and makeup, as always!


Love this image, it is just so playful and natural. She was just so detached from any worry about herself in this moment, she was just there on the bed having a really great time!

So many great changes around the studio. I have really been enjoying working in my expanded studio space. The natural light is so soft and beautiful and I have so much room to shoot!

I have realized lately, that I am obviously a photographer and not really a blogger or social media master. I post something every couple of months and don’t really know what to say. I have been brainstorming and have come up with a couple ideas how to make the process of sharing my work more enjoyable and easy. So far I haven’t settled on anything yet… If there is information you think I have that you would like to know let me know so I can make note, or if you are super creative and think you can offer me the answer to this puzzle of how to share my work and my ideas using social media outlets and my blog in a way that will keep my creative energy flowing, feel free to email me.



When women come into my studio for a boudoir shoot, there is an element of surrendering to me as the photographer. They put their trust in me and my eye to photograph them in a tasteful manner that will express their true beauty. I accept this as an honor and know that they are handing me something very special. I know that if I were to show an unflattering angle that I could cause damage to a woman’s view of her self. I believe that my clients are in good hands, and I am confident that I am able to always find beauty in their form and their essence.

This is one of my favourite poses…and it is always one that tests that trust they have in me. “So I want you to kneel down and rest on your elbows and knees and then put your weight back into your bum, and lower your boobs to the bed… now place both of your hands to one side, and look over your shoulder…like this!!” I’ll say while I demonstrate on the floor beside the bed.

Almost everyone of my clients chooses this shot in their final images, so they must agree it is one sexy shot!! What do you think?

Flawless hair and makeup by Eclectica Beauty Studio

In keeping with the theme of most requested photos, this “bum shot” is another fav. Usually my clients are terrified, not wanting to actually see their bum in full glory, and I remind them that as we don’t have eyes in the back of our head it is impossible, without the magic of a photograph for us to see the angle that most people see our backside from. Instead of a contorted view while we are twisting around looking into a mirror, seeing only half a cheek we are able to see the whole picture and it is always more flattering!

Love these black lace panties with a thread of gold from Victoria Secret!


Happy New Year all! I have to say that in the past months I have been less then mediocre at updating my blog. In this New Year, I would love to promise that I will be better, but realistically that would be a silly promise.  What I can promise is that I will be better then last year, so here is my start.

I chose this image today because it is the shot that literally 90% of clients ask for. “You know that shot of a girl with her panty hooked on her shoe,” they say when I ask them if there are any boudoir images that they have seen in which they would love to see of themselves. With a laugh and a knowing they were going to say that exact thing, I tell them: “aboslutely, we can do one of those. And I promise it will be good for a laugh and a serious front wedgy!”

One of the great things about this look is that you only need a great pair of shoes and a pair of panties like this pair of pink panties from La Senza.

I have got to say though, it sure is a sexy but shot!


Hair and Makeup by Eclectica Beauty Studio

“I don’t mind being burdened with being glamorous and sexual. Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived, and glamour, although the manufacturers won’t like this, cannot be manufactured. Not real glamour; it’s based on femininity.” – Marilyn Monroe

For various reasons, I am often inspired by the women that come into Lipstick&Lace Boudoir Studio. This week I was given the the opportunity to photograph yet another beautiful woman and there was no shortage of inspiration. She was such a force of femininity that I was reminded of this quote from one of the world’s most quintessential beauty’s, Maryilyn Munroe. Maybe it is because she is stunningly beautiful, maybe it is because she is married to a wonderful man that tells her that she is sexy and beautiful daily, maybe it is because she is confident and happy, it doesn’t really matter the reason, this client is absolutely glamorous.




Hair and Makeup by: Eclectica Beauty Studio

Lingerie: Victoria Secret, La Perla

Accessories: Lia Sophia, Christian Louboutin

“As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”  Pablo Neruda


Words are unnecessary. This image and the beauty it carries of Miss J is simply breathtaking!

Hair and Makeup: Ecelectica Beauty Studio

Lingerie: Victoria Secret

Accessories: Lia Sophia


Natural light offers something special to skin and eyes that studio lighting just can’t capture. Miss KS has incredible features to begin with, and then with the natural ligh there is a luminescence in her stunning crystal eyes! Astrid of Eclectica Beauty Studio has done an amazing job at enhancing her facial structure and celebrating her flawless skin, while naturally enhancing her beautiful eyes!  Love this shot!